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Extract and classify

text-data at scale.

Our Vision

Snowflow comprises of innovators and problem-solvers who believe in democratizing the access to AI so that any subject matter expert in any organization can turn plain text-data into valuable insights.

Our Tech

Snowflow leverages the latest cognitive technologies with a focus and expertise on deep machine learning and cutting-edge natural language processing.

Our solution

Snowflow provides an end-to-end enterprise AI platform that empowers any non-coder to automate of data extraction and classification from any type of text.

Who are we

How it works

Train the AI

We reinvented the way to label text-data. You are now able to collect the data you need to train your custom AI up to 5 times faster than traditional tools thanks to a simple and intuitive point and click user interface.

Build AI models

Link your labelled text-data into Snowflow's machine learning module and press "start"; the system takes care of the rest: data analysis, best-performing ML model selection, and output of your custom-built AI model. 

Run AI predictions

Upload the text-data you want to run predictions on and run AI predictions. The system automatically extract and classify your data as per your training and  produces a smart report.

How it works
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"It looks absolutely amazing!"

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